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"Supportive or Corrosive?: Can a University’s Title IX Website Design

Impact Reporting of Sexual Violence? A Mixed Methods Design.

Dissertation awarded at Middle Tennessee State University. Web.


"Who’s Really in Trouble? Why Advisors Need Analytics."

The EvoLLLution. Web.



"The Baby Train."

Cleaver Magazine. 13. Web.

"William Carlos Williams: Biography, Famous Poem & Writing Style." Web.

"What is an Autobiographical Essay? Definition & Examples." Web.

"John Berryman: Biography, Poems & Suicide." Web.

"Dylan Thomas: Biography & Poems." Web.

"John Dos Passos: Biography & Books." Web.

"What is Surrealism in Literature? Definition, Characteristic & Examples." Web.

"Shel Silverstein: Biography, Poems & Books." Web.

"Traditional Literature: Definition, Characters, Type & Books." Web.

"What is Historical Fiction? Definition, Characteristics, Books & Authors." Web.

"Non-fiction Novel: Definition & Examples." Web.

"Crime Fiction: Definition, Books & Authors." Web.

"Stephen King: Biography, Books & Short Stories." Web.

"What is Historical Fiction? Definition, Characteristics, Books & Authors." Web.

"Refrain in Poetry: Definition & Examples." Web.

"Stephen Crane: Biography, Poems & Books." Web.

"Lewis Carroll: Biography, Poems & Books." Web.

"Truman Capote: Biography, Books & Facts." Web.

"Leslie Marmon Silko: Biography, Poems & Books." Web.


"Literary Fiction: Definition & Examples." Web.


"Lexicography: Definition & History." Web.


"Rhetorical Modes of Writing: Definition & Examples." Web.


"H. L. Mencken: Biography & Books." Web.



"What is Parallelism in Literature? Definition & Examples." Web.


"Persuasive Devices in Writing: Definition & Examples." Web.


"Archaism in Literature: Definition & Examples." Web.


"Rhetorical Question in Literature: Definition, Effect & Examples." Web.


"Joyce Carol Oats: Biography, Books & Short Stories." Web.


"Information Writing: Definition, Styles & Examples." Web.


"Objective Writing: Definition & Examples." Web.


"Hans Christian Anderson: Biography & Fairy Tales." Web.

"Simone de Beauvoir: Biography & Books." Web.

"Cacophony (Literary Term): Definition & Examples." Web.

"What is Freelance Writing? Definition & Examples." Web.

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